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Production Supervisor (CCR

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Position : Production Supervisor (CCR

location     :   On Shore

Ref No       :  1033-E

Job Purpose:

Supervises the operations of the wellhead towers and field activities,  including well test using test vessel and MPFM,  ensures all field work and changes are carried out according to COMPANY rules and regulations,  efficiently and safely.   Carries out fields and plant monitoring   and operating plant and field processes through VDU/ DCS, monitors globally and takes suitable actions.

Principle Accountabilities:

  • Supervises the pre-commissioning,   commissioning   and star-up activities in line with the Operation, Maintenance and Integrity (OMI) Philosophy for the Project. Represents the operation team to ensure the company requirements are fully addressed I represented I covered in all aspects of the project and throughout the project life.
  • Reviews  and Comments on operations relevant to Project documents & deliverables during  EPC phases,  ensuring  deliverables  are  in    compliance  with  operational  requirements  stipulated   in Company standards and procedures.
  • Reviews   and comments startup plans,   Operation   Test Procedures,    Operating   Procedures, Operating Manuals, Performance test procedures and pre-startup activities.    Participates and witness SATs and attends Vendors Training.
  • Ensures first fill of chemical and lubricants are implemented and agreed stock are in place.
  • Enforcing COMPANY HSE rules on site and ensures implementation of COMPANY PTW system.
  • Startup (with  oil/gas-in)  and troubleshooting of equipment  operation  after RFSU and co-ordinates to  perform dynamic tests  and  performance test for  various  systems with  vendors  and  other involved parties.
  • Highlights any operational problems during the handover phase and warranty period that requires contacts with the Vendors and I or Project Team’s discipline Engineers.
  •   Directs,   controls  and  supervises  the  activities  of  a  team  of  Contracts  workforce  involved   in operating the Production facilities, including starting up I shutting down the wells,  first-line maintenance and reservoir monitoring  pressure survey,  pigging  operations,  sampling  and WHT housekeeping.
  • Carries out the necessary changes in the plan as per achievement of targets and for optimum utilization of helicopters.
  • Monitors  and supervises  through the control room facilities  the operation of crude oil  production from  well-head  towers  including  crude  oil  production  I  separation,   water  injection  and  gas treatment I processing  and gas injection to meet the daily  production targets in  accordance with IPR reservoir guidelines.
  • Monitors and supervises through the control room facilities on the F&G system and coordinates with field and plant supervisors to initiate appropriate emergency actions.
  • Monitors and co-ordinates marine vessels, barges, rigs, helicopter and personnel movement and communications throughout the field and ensures safety of personnel and facilities are maintained and operated according   to COMPANY-OPCO's safety and marine regulations.


Principal Accountabilities (Continued):

  • Supervises   the  operation   of  oil I gas  and  water  production   including    opening,   closing,   adjusting wells,   operating  wellhead   equipment,   controlling   quantities   of water    injected,   to ensure  the oil & gas  production  quantities  & quality  are as per required  target  and reports  the results.
  • Prepares    Procedures    and   Coordinates    with   Field/Plant     Supervisors    in    implementing     such campaigns.    Non  Routine  operations   & activities  and  special   campaigns   undertaken   from  time  to time  such  as pigging   of pipe  lines,    mothballing    of unused  lines,   pressure  testing  of subsea  lines, corrosion  monitoring  on the surface  facilities   in wellhead  Towers  and  modifications   for the existing systems.
  • Knowledge   transfer   and Job training   for juniors   UAE Nationals   and assigned personnel   by line manager.
  • Follows    up   contractors'    performance     and   ensures    compliance    with    COMPANY    safety regulations.
  • Reports near misses   and hazardous   conditions.    Ensures  all hazardous   wastes  are  handled  in  a safe  way  as  per  Safety  Regulations   to  avoid  harm  to personnel   or environment.    Self-audits   and reports unsafe conditions that cannot be rectified immediately.   Takes leads and acts as the first line of control during the emergencies   as per ULSC emergency procedures.
  • Ensures    adherence,    awareness     and   compliance    of   all   workforces     to   Company's    Safety regulations,    Standards,   Procedures   and Standing   Instructions.   Ensures safety equipment   are kept in proper operating conditions.
  • Works according to Company   Policies,    Standards,   Guidelines,   Procedures,   Operating   Procedure (OPERGUID)   and technical standards.
  • Works   in line with   HSE   policy   and   ensures   awareness    and   compliance    of HSE   rules   and regulations   by subordinates.
  • Communications & Organisational Relationships:
  • Frequent   Contacts   with Production   personnel,   Maintenance    personnel,   Test Vessel supervisor and Wire line supervisor.
  • Frequent Contacts with Project Management   Team, Contractors.
  • Daily   contacts   with   Work   Boats,    Maintenance    Supervisor,     Barge   Engineer,    Mobile     Crews, Wire line   Supervisor,   Inspection   Engineer,   Safety Engineers,   other Productions   Supervisors   and instrument technicians   I foreman within Umm Lulu Division   and reports to MTPO.
  • Works   according   to Company’s   established    policy,    procedures    approved   work   programs   and professional   engineering   standards.

Minimum   Requirements   [Knowledge Skills & Experience]:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum / Chemical/ Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • 5 - 6   Years'   experience    in   an Offshore Oilfield   Production I processing operations with   computer knowledge.
  • Good knowledge of English language.

Urgent Hiring


Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi/Onshore/Offshore

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Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi

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Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi- Field Based

Specific Accountabilities: Full knowledge of fabrication principles and procedures and familiarity with welding preparations, fit up of spool pipes, fitting, steel structures. Testing...Read more


Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi

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Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi

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Sr. Electrical Engineer (Testing-MV-LV)

Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    On shore, Offshore- Abu Dhabi

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