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R. Muthukrishnan


IE, IC & E ENGG. Dept

I came to know of Delta International Petroleum Services when I was frantically looking for an entry into Oil & Gas Sector at UAE.

I had to plan  my mobilization schedule carefully due to personal priorities and DELTA worked it out very well for me.

DELTA had meticulously and diligently managed my Pre-Employment formalities and Off shore Mobilization well within a record time of less than 10 days that was commendable.  

I am thankful to dips MD, Operation Manager and its eager staff for very professional, amicable and prompt services, logistics and governing my work so far.  

 I would like to strongly recommend dips as “ a preferred Sponsor” for  Professional Engineers and Technocrats in Oil & Gas Industries

Virgilus Akama Onyeka


Fire Master

There is no doubt whatsoever, that Delta International Petroleum Services(dips) is a first-rate people-oriented organization. The company has business interests and specialisation portfolios in several areas of the oil and gas industry, as well as providing human capital solutions to Clients.
I have enjoyed my working relationship with the dips management especially in consistently supporting and motivating staff for top level performance. The company embarked on sustained recruitment and delivery of highly qualified trained and skilled professionals to the oil and gas sector as well as diversifying into new markets.
I currently serve in one of dips offshore Contracts as Fire Master, leading and providing emergency response delivery and Fire Safety services with Fire Team members. A growing consensus among staff is that dips puts a high value on its workforce. Work operations in my location are guided by the traditional strict enterprise-first values, discipline and staff ethical code of conduct which together supports productivity, reputation and business continuity.

William Curry


English Language Instructor

I was recruited by DELTA to work for one of the ADNOC operating companies in 2007 and have been contracted through their agency since then. My salary has always been credited to my account on time and whenever I have had queries or requests, they have always been accommodating. Renewal of visas, security passes, National ID and Hedipsh Insurance are all taken care of by DELTA leaving me free to get on with my job. The agency staff have always been supportive and professional.

Mathew Clews


ERD Completion Engineer

Delta International Petroleum Services have been very professional in helping me to gain employment, and subsequently supporting my family with acquiring all the required documents and approvals for working and living as an expatriate in the UAE. The team at Delta IPS have always been very friendly and responsive to my questions, and as such, I would recommend their services to any new candidates considering opportunities.

Peter Abbott


Head of Schedule, Programme Management

Delta International Petroleum Services have an amazing and very friendly and supportive team who are always willing to go the extra mile to help their employees, and promptly deal with any issues or questions that may arise.
I have received a first class service any time I have needed their help and would recommend dips as an employer

Innocent Mazombwe


Fire Station Officer

I was recruited by dips while in my country in Zimbabwe. The visa processing was timeous and there was constant communication from them to me while still in my country. I was well informed about the process, my questions answered and my concerns were addressed.

I had never been in UAE before and I did not know how I was going to start off life in UAE. Delta ushered me into my new environment with the full support that any new person would need.

Processing my medical tests, getting medical insurance and applying for my Emirates ID was done through the efficient PR Officers and in about 3 days I was at work already.

Bruncha M Milaszewski


Leadership and Workforce Development Consultant

Delta International Petroleum Services exemplifies everything a third party provider of talent and labor should be. I came to know dips as preferred provider when I was asked to provide my HR, assessment  and training and development expertise to an UAE government entity.
dips handled my Visa transfer process with professionalism and efficiency.  Their staff were responsive and transparent in their dealings with me.

Shabbir Katawala


Material Review Engineer

Delta International is having Motto for positive Attitude in all affairs either its professional job finding or personnel day to day support. The commitment comes with friendly & careful understanding but if its committed then 100% its get fulfilled this is what I experienced with all my tenure with DELTA. Delta Manage its all work very systematically with professional who handle different department for various supportive activity & response within committed time i.e. Monthly advance salary needs if some time , visa process , Hotel stay requests etc.

Anil Kumar


Contracts Engineer

I was working for ADNOC group of companies through Delta and I am always impressed with the outstanding services provided by them. All the staffs are very compassionate and professional. They respond to the questions quickly and address problems very effectively. They also understand how to keep their employees happy. The whole experience has been great.

Rachael Khanak


Senior Design Manager

My previous employer introduced me to dips offering a convenient but yet professional recruitment arrangement. During the process, I met and dedips with dips Management and Staff who were really polite, helpful and more than happy to attend to any work-related issues that came up. dipshough I had to move on to another city, I am keeping my contacts with dips knowing that it would be one of the best 3rd party provider that myself can work with if another opportunity arises. I would strongly recommend dips for my colleagues and other candidates within the industry.

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