With Sun all year round, no taxes & great security, UAE is definitely the happiest place to live in.With more than 80% of the UAE’s populationbeing foreign-born,UAE is considered as an expat’s paradise. Enjoying the luxurious lifestyle, over 200 nationalities live & work here and is a tourist destination for millions of visitors each year. Thanks to the modern infrastructure & numerous Wi-Fi hotspots, you never loose connection with your family back home.

Despite the cost of living in UAE being the highest across the board in the GCC, it is the happiest Arab country. According to the UN-Sponsored World Happiness Report, it is ranked 14 globally.Residence visa is a must to open bank account, obtain driving license, register a car and apply for a PO Box.

With some of the finest restaurants in the world, cuisine in the UAE is an amalgamation of both traditional & contemporary food from across the world. To consume alcohol in UAE, you should be above 21 years of age & should have your own license. However, Sharjah (one of the Arab emirate) stands out as an exception to this rule.

The rules for owning a property differ variedly based on the emirate you live in. When looking to rent the property, be sure to check if the agent is registered. In Dubai, a RERA card confirms that the agent is registered & not illegal. Running water & electricity supplies are widely available all across UAE.

With top-of-the-line international & national banks competing in the finance market, you are sure to enjoy some special benefits along with the ease of financing.

Despite the cosmopolitan culture, religious traditions are an essential aspect of life in the UAE. For expatriates, life in the UAE means that they may have to adhere to a different etiquette, dress more modestly.

Here, the official religion is Islam. The UAE Constitution also provides for freedom of religion, in accordance with the established customs.Being the global commercial hub, English is widely spoken while Arabic remains the national language of UAE.

With Dubai hosting the World Expo 2020, not only the visual landscape of the Emirates but also the entire human resources vista is set to change. Abundantly endowed with oil & gas resources, UAE is expanding its oil & natural gas industry at a rapid pace.